Covenant Cluster Network -- Opportunities for Partnership (as of February 2008)

Educational Opportunities

  • Wartburg Theological Seminary -- has developed a TEEM curriculum that now has 40-50 ELCA TEEM candidates enrolled. They are developing a TEEM handbook and materials, including DVD, to help orient/train TEEM pastor-mentors.
  • Lutheran House of Studies in Central States Synod -- is looking for standards, course requirements and course syllabi for Synodically Authorized Ministries certification
  • Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest is offering Language and Cultural Immersions programs (4 week intensive in Austin in Summer; 3 week intensive in Cuernavace during J-term), TEEM with Spanish learning groups, and lecture/workshop resources for cross-cultural issues and immigration (Dr. Javier Alanis and Dr. Eliseo Perez)
  • Stewardship Education at Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago several endowments to offer stewardship education for students as well as lay/rostered leaders. Currently providing a variety of experiences for LSTC MDiv and MA students. Have begun offering workshops for lay and rostered leaders in greater Chicagoland area. In the future, make resources and programs available throughout the Covenant Cluster.
  • LSTC Center for Christian-Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice offers themselves as resources for understanding Islam and relating to our Muslim neighbors
  • The three Covenant Cluster seminary libraries could collaborate as a significant theological resource on the cluster website. This would be led by Ray Olson (TLS), Susan Ebertz (WTS) and Christine Wenderoth (LSTC) with the cluster planning committee. The libraries and their collections could also be raised up more pointedly on the ELCA website under Theological Resources with synods, lay centers, colleges, etc.
  • The Nebraska synod has resources to share in their lay ministry program (PMA) and project IDEA. They are seeking resources to instruct lay students for different cultures and languages (for example, Sudanese).

Individual Collaborations

  • The Regional Coordinators for Ministry Leadership, Carl Richard Evenson in Region 5 and Marilyn Smith in Region 6, are available to assist conversations, networks and work groups to communicate with bishops and other churchwide partners. Carl.Evenson@ecunet.org and Marilyn.Smith@ecunet.org
  • Lynn Schudy Ziese is interested in conversation about a Lay Ministry Academy/School that is grounded in assumptions, values, and worldview of the Latino/a community.


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